For years, Nergal has brought us crushingly heavy music as the frontman for Behemoth, but fans are about to get a little surprise with his upcoming solo album. The singer has teased that it will include blues, country and folk influences, and while that may seem like a departure from what we've come to expect, that's what he's looking for.

Speaking with Team Rock, the vocalist explains, “The more radical and more extreme they are, the more delighted I will be. The worst thing you can get is people just saying, ‘Yeah, it’s OK.'"

He continues, "I want people to either say, ‘F--k you, a--hole. I’m throwing out all the Behemoth records because of all this crap you recorded.’ That’s what I would love to see on one hand. And on the other, ‘All that piece of s--t Behemoth stuff you’ve done, I don’t want you to scream any more.’ I want to get both reactions."

The singer reveals the album will be titled Love Is a Dog From Hell and he cites Neil Young, early Nick Cave, Seasick Steve, Wovenhand, The Clash and The Damned among the album's diverse influences.

As for that album title, he continues, "The record is going to be titled Love Is A Dog From Hell, which we stole from Charles Bukowski. But he’s dead, so he’s going to have no problem with that whatsoever. I’m super-proud of it.” An official release date has yet to be announced, and Nergal is currently touring with Behemoth.

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