It's always great to keep up with our local businesses as they grow and change. One of those that I've kept an eye on since they opened was Brendyn's BBQ. You've probably seen the stories about the food truck/trailer in Nacogdoches that has been gaining a lot of attention in Nacogdoches, even catching the eye of Daniel Vaughn, the Texas Monthly BBQ expert.

You probably also saw the post from a few months ago about the Brendyn's BBQ announcement that they were getting their very own brick-and-mortar location, instead of running everything out of the trailer. If you didn't catch that post, you can review it by clicking the link below:

Well, this weekend it happened. Brendyn's BBQ officially opened up at the new location at 601 E. Main Street in Downtown Nacogdoches. And...I was pretty stoked to say that I got to go check it out! I even got some photos! Take a look at the new location below:

CHECK IT OUT: Photos From Brendyn's BBQ Opening Weekend

As you can see from the pictures, it's a pretty awesome location. We look forward to seeing what else Brendyn's BBQ brings to Nacogdoches!

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