As you all know, there's a new trend going around that involves painting rocks and hiding them for others to find. We thought we'd get into the game as well, only there's a prize involved with it.

It's simple;

1: Find our rock
2: Return it to us
3: Get a free shirt

Check out our video below:

Okay, we may have overdone it on the excitement. Have you ever seen grown men wave their arms and yell, "Arts and crafts," before? For that, we are truly sorry.

Anyway ... if you find our "Classic" Rock somewhere in East Texas bring it back to the station located at 1216 S 1st St. Lufkin TX 75901, and we'll hook you up with a Q107 Classic Rock T-shirt!

We will only be around between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays, so if you find the rock, keep it safe until we're open for business. Feel free to take pictures of it and post 'em on social media, to let us know what size shirt we need to get ready.

Please don't add anything to our rock or use it to vandalize any establishments. Don't use any rocks to do those things really.

First hiding hint: Trucks, quarter, pipes, grip, flip, and fun.


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