Meet Don Sammons, and you meet the whole town of Buford, Wyoming. He's the sole resident.  I thought this was pretty interesting and it got me thinking about what it might be like to be the only resident of a town.

Sammons tells them he is the one and only, but is quick to add that Buford wasn't always this tiny.

Founded in 1866, it's actually one of the oldest towns in all of Wyoming. The railroad kept its population healthy for years. But like so many railroad towns, Buford nearly withered away.

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Now I know we have some small towns here in Texas with not many people in them, but I kind of like the idea of being the only resident.  I mean, you pretty much get to run the show, right?  Now I'm not sure why a surrounding town hasn't just absorbed this one, but until they do, I think Sammon's has a good thing going here.