Well, there's ONE company who isn't concerned about bad press right now.

2020 is officially the year of canceled events. You've probably had to cancel something, if not multiple events, because of COVID-19. Live Nation and AEG have halted all tours, resulting in almost every concert scheduled for the next few months to be canceled or postponed.

What about you? What are YOU missing?

If you bought tickets for an event from Stubhub, you are most definitely NOT getting a refund.

Stubhub has cut 2/3 of its staff in response to the pandemic...and they've also changed their refund policy. Very, very quietly.

Customers have been told that they will receive a coupon for 120% over the price of the tickets that they purchased, and the credit can be used for future purchases. And it might just be illegal.

This is a fairly new discovery; there is no information on how to fight your claim yet but we can guarantee that this isn't over.

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