Imagine getting on a cruise ship in Galveston, Texas, and then getting no farther than Mobile, Alabama one week later.

That was certainly not the scheduled itinerary aboard "The Carnival Triumph", but a fire in the engine room on Sunday morning squashed the plans of over 3,000 sea goers.

The ship, which flat out stopped operating due to no propulsion is waiting to be pulled into port not later than tomorrow (February 13).  The tugboat will be traveling at a top speed of nearly 7 miles per hour, and with the shoreline some 150 miles away, it will feel like a road trip across Texas, wondering if the "state" will ever end!

From a P.R. standpoint, Carnival is hitting a home run with refunds and cruise credits, but the number of takers may be a little more than forgiving.

Reports have surfaced that this very same ship had problems just last month when that very same propulsion system failed, causing passengers to miss some destinations.

While the airlines are under the thumb of the "passenger bill of rights", the cruise ship industry is not particularly regulated, so once you climb aboard The Love Boat, you are likely at the mercy of the actions of the cruise ship line.


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