CiCi's Pizza in the Northview Plaza in Nacogdoches has temporally closed its doors due to recent, unfortunate events. According to owner, Jeremy Brown, a power surge could be to blame.

In the past few days, keeping things cooler has not been in the cards for CiCi’s Pizza. They have issues with all three of their A/C units.

There is a supply chain issue that is causing a backlog of parts to repair the units. Hopefully they can get that resolved, since it has been over 100 degrees within the past week.

The Cooler Being Out At CiCi's Pizza In Nacogdoches Is Forcing Them To Close

Not only did all the A/C units have issues, but their cooler has also taken a hit and is not working. There are also some issues with other electrical equipment.

They are hopeful that these issues will be resolved as soon as possible, so everyone can come in and get the Bavarian Creme dessert pizza that they crave.

Jeremy Brown became the owner of CiCi's Pizza in Nacogdoches in September of 2020. He brought the business back from its pandemic shutdown, and I am sure he will bring it back from this as well.

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Jeremy and his wife also own a CiCi's in South Tyler. The Browns were the Nacogdoches CiCi's saviors, and the restaurant has a large following once again.

They have completely remodeled and turned this location completely around. Everyone comments on how much better it is. Fingers crossed that today they will get some good news and reopen again very soon.

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