Easter may be a wrap in 2013, but Meghan O' Connor of Lufkin found a $250 "Club Tabby" gift certificate inside her Easter basket.

Needless to say, she is ecstatic, and never thought she would ever win anything from the RADIO.

Not even a tough contest mind you.  While some radio stations make winning a prize similar to solving an algebraic equation, Meghan simply found the Easter eggs on one of our many website pages, jotted down the colors, and submitted her entry.   Just goes to show you boys and girls, that you can't win, unless you play.

Stay informed by listening to The Classic Rock Station Q107, and streaming on-line at Q1077.com, in addition to following our website religiously; and just to tease you even more, stay tuned for a potential big money give-away coming in May?


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