It's bad enough we have the hands on cell phone users and moronic "texters" screaming down our streets and highways, without so much of a glance of what's in their rear view mirror, or in the lane next to them, for that matter.

Toss in a cavalier driver not wearing a seat belt, and you have unexpectedly stumbled upon the trifecta of disregard for human life.

Listen up!  This is for the narrow minded individuals that I just described.  Yes, you people who disgracefully increase my automobile insurance premiums each year.

This year's "Click it or Ticket" campaign runs May 20 through June 2, so consider yourself forewarned.  Not buckled up will cost you 200 clams plus court costs.  This means everyone in the vehicle.  The good news here for us conscious motorists, is that the fine is levied against the person NOT wearing a seatbelt.

And, if your are one of those naysayers chiding that it's just another useless law, think again.  Before enforcement began, statistics showed that only about three-quarters (75%) of Texans strapped in for the ride, while that number peaks in the mid-nineties percentile today.

No excuses if you're pulled over not wearing the harness.  Not even Perry Mason, or Matlock will be able to get you out of this one!