The Angelina County & Cities Health District has released details concerning the six positive COVID-19 cases in the county. The City of Lufkin Fire and Police Departments are using this information in-house to protect their officers and paramedics.

According to the graphic, the first five cases of positive cases in the county are travel related, however, the most recent confirmed positive of the female in her 70s has no known exposure source which means there is evidence of COMMUNITY SPREAD in Angelina County. It can be concluded that we’re going to see these numbers increase steadily over the next several weeks.

chart two (1)

City officials want to stress that people understand what a dire situation this truly is and that they change their behaviors to keep themselves, their loved ones and the community safe.

Again, we pose the question, if the state contacted you today, told you that you were positive for COVID-19 and asked you to trace your steps back the last 14 days, would you be proud of yourself or embarrassed by your behavior?



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