Do you geek out about numbers at all?  I remember 7-7-07 and 8-8-08 being big days for weddings, and maybe some c-sections too. Happy sixth birthday to those kids in a few weeks.

There's another big date coming up this winter that will never come around again, and I read that brides are falling all over themselves to get the date booked the wedding day.  Can you guess it?

December 13th isn't just Jamie Foxx's birthday.   Since 12/13/14 is on a Saturday, it's perfect for weddings!

The NY Post estimates that 20,000 couples will get married that day and venues are booking up fast if they're not already completely blocked out that day.  Why not?!  Knock yourselves out with that.

Anything special about today?  Let's see...7-23 could be a football score.  And it's Woody Harrelson's birthday.  Now carry on!