We all know those people that are best described as "grouches". I'm hoping that's not how my friends and family describe me, but no promises here.

Some people are grouches in the morning. Some people are grouches on Monday, as a new week starts. Some are grouches on Friday, because the week's been too long. Some people are grouchy because of their job. Some people are grouchy because of their finances - or lack of finances.

And some people are grouchy because...Well, that's it. They're just grouchy. It's just who they are.

Why am I going on about grouchy people? Simple. It's because today is National Grouch Day! So, if being a "grouch" is something that you excel at, or do on a regular basis, then today is your day, my friend. You can take a page from Sesame Street's very own Oscar the Grouch, and be a griping curmudgeon all day today. Today is supposedly the one day of the year that being a grouch is completely acceptable.

Or, if you're not the grouch of the neighborhood, maybe you can take this chance to tag the person that you know is! I mean, if they're already grumpy and grouchy, is it really going to make it any worse by tagging them and calling them out on it? I think not!

So, there you have it. Today is National Grouch Day! Happy - or Not So Happy - Grouch Day to y'all!

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