No, we're not talking about Voter Registration Day...although that's important, too. But, the very first day of fall shares the day with another, "sweeter" holiday.

Do you have any idea about which day I'm referring to?

Today is National Ice Cream Cone Day.

Yes, that's it. National Ice Cream Cone Day. To me, that's a holiday that I can get behind, and can definitely support and celebrate. Whether you're heading to a local ice cream shop - we have several in this area, so you can't use the excuse that we don't have any - or have bought the cones and ice cream to assemble them yourself at home, it's the day to do that.

It doesn't matter if your a waffle cone fan or not. It doesn't matter if you prefer vanilla, chocolate, cookies n' cream, or some other flavor. It doesn't matter if you put ANY ice cream in the cone at all, or you just prefer the cone by itself! (That's a bit different, but hey, you do whatever makes you happy.)

Today is the day to celebrate the ice cream cone. So now that you know this fact, it's up to you to get your hands on whatever makes the "perfect ice cream cone" for you. Today is the day.

Alright, so maybe we're being a bit dramatic. Whatever. It's still the day.

Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day, everyone!

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