While the Dallas Cowboys thus far are unable to get untracked during the 2012 season, their latest marketing campaign is sure to keep the turnstile busy with ticket holders.

The real question, must be asked however, are the male folk attending a football game or lingerie party?

Ladies, if you are planning to watch America's Team with your significant other, and you feel there are more runs to the concession stand than appear normal, then second guessing your partner's whereabouts may be a good thing.

Oh sure, he could simply be downing another "Bud", or lighting up a "bud"...while chatting with the "bud's".  Or, he may be cozying up to a new "buddy" at PINK, the newly opened Victoria Secret Store inside the playground affectionately called Cowboys Stadium.

Cowboy execs were on hand for the unveiling before Monday Night Football took center stage, and I kind of have to wonder where the players were during this time, because the Bears shellacked the Cowboys 34-18-34.

Whoops........I meant 34 to 18 (sorry!)

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