COVID-19 has hit everyone pretty hard. We've seen lots of stores closing, and some that will not open back up. We know that Logan's Roadhouse in Lufkin will not be making a comeback, and we're waiting to see about JC Penney in the Lufkin Mall.

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However, an announcement was made yesterday that has us wondering about a couple of other stores that we have here. According to USA Today, L Brands announced that they would be closing several stores around the nation. Specifically, 250 Victoria's Secret stores and 50 Bath & Body Works stores.

Now, think about that. We have one Victoria's Secret - in the Lufkin Mall - and two Bath & Body Works locations - Lufkin Mall and University Mall in Nacogdoches. That brings this question: Will these closures affect our locations? Will we lose those stores here? If so, then that would make the closest locations Tyler and Longview. That's a pretty big drive for those stores.

But, I could see at least the Bath & Body Works store in Nacogdoches closing down. As they revamp the University Mall, who knows if they will keep Bath & Body Works or not? It would be a cool opportunity to make it into it's own storefront, but I don't know if they will do that or not.

As for Lufkin, it seems like that might be a bit more difficult to close down either the Victoria's Secret OR Bath & Body Works. They just remodeled both of those not that long ago. It would be a shame to close them down after putting all that work in.

But, again, that's all speculation. What are your thoughts on all of this? Will our stores be the ones going away? Or, will they still be around? Sound off in the comment section below!

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