Effective immediately there will be rent increases in the Dallas area.  That's the word from an MSN real estate article.

With a massive apartment boom in effect to the tune of 20,000 or so units, it's not hard to figure out that residential property owners stand to finally make a killing in a sector (real estate) that has "killed" lots of dreams since the recession.

The bottom line here, is to ask for a five percent raise, should you desire to jaunt out of our cozy neck in the woods to fry bigger fish.  That figure is what the experts say will increase from 2012 rental rates, and when you factor in an almost four percent rise last year compared to 2011, a $900 per month rent two years ago, is expected to inflate to $981 this year.

Other big names expecting a windfall are Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Seattle, just to name a few.

No more is Big "D" associated with "D"epression; now , it is "D"ig "D"eep (into your pockets).


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