J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen are back -- and 'Dallas" has never looked better!  Between 1978 and 1991 when e-mail, internet and Facebook didn't dominate the landscape, the weekly shenanigans at "Southfork Ranch" did!  And the "Who shot J.R.?" episode is still one of the cleverest 60 minutes of video drama ever to be projected into any home!

If you are familiar with the "Dallas" plot line, then you are fully aware that turmoil, greed, lust, deceit, "messing around", borderline criminal behavior, backstabbing, along with a host of other scurrilous adjectives are all par for the course during each episode.  In the re-boot, action is sure to be plentiful, when the son of J.R. (John Ross - notice he has the same initials) and Sue Ellen wants to be a spittin' image of his 'daddy'.

It's only fitting that TNT carries the show, because "dynamite" is a suitable description for these characters.  Kudos to the network for bringing back a staunch classic and not insulting us with another boring, indigestible Reality Program featuring bad acting from people that can't get real jobs!