As the weather begins to change (Well in Texas drop from 99 to 90) the mindset of storefronts begin to change! Down go the last subtle hints of summer and up go the massive signs that Santa is coming to town.  If you blink to quickly you will miss the aisle in the back corner that celebrates Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Hobby Lobby begins to transform into a Winter wonderland sometime around the Middle of July. I've walked in to grab something for The 4th of July and walked out with a Christmas Tree.

The question that comes to mind is when is it okay to start putting up the tree and lights outside?  I have done some research to find out the perfect answer! And by research I grabbed a cup of coffee and called a few people around the world to find out their answers. Here is what I have gotten:

Tatiana in Poughkeepsie, NY starts decorating the day after Christmas (She basically never takes them down and is probably watching ELF right now)
Bridget in Grand Rapids, MI starts decorating after Thanksgiving
Jennie in Victoria, TX starts decorating on Black Friday
Dayton in Wichita Falls, TX starts Decorating after Thanksgiving is over
Katie in Pittsburgh, PA  starts decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving
Mary in London, England starts decorating 2 weeks before Christmas
Clelia in Gaeta, Italy starts decorating on Dec 1st

Across the world there tends to be a consensus that after Thanksgiving is the correct time to start decorating. I on the other hand don't agree with that. I believe the perfect date to start is Dec 7th! Why that specific date? Well my birthday is Dec 6th and I just like celebrating it without Christmas Decorations up!  But with my luck people will start decorating after Valentines Day next year!

When do you Deck the Halls boughs of Holly?  Let us know in the comments below!



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