Getting to see lots of Classic Rock concerts over the years, the only way to categorize them is "great", "greater", and "greatest"; the difference between the three - not much.  One of the "greatest" in-person shows still to be seen today is that of "Def Leppard".

Guitarist Vivian Campbell didn't join the group until 1992, but his pedigree prior to that is highly impressive, most notably as a member of "Dio", and "Whitesnake".  He was self groomed for the music biz, when by the time he was 12 years old, he was playing guitar like a madman.

Campbell is currently battling cancer and is two months into six months worth of chemo treatments, and says he feels strong enough to continue touring this month and next.

He even made light of his condition this way, “Me and my new aerodynamic hairstyle (read: no hair) are going on tour this summer with the band and I don’t want anyone to be so shocked by my new look that they ask for a refund. Simple economics, really.”

Campbell had been complaining of a non-stop cough which sent him to the doctor in the first place, and on March 11 he was diagnosed with enlarged lymph nodes.

Like all the other great rockers that keep our music alive, Campbell is in that elite cast, and here is hoping he's playing center stage for many years to come.