After a party in Colorado in December, Lance Armstrong's girlfriend told police she had been driving when they hit two parked cars.  But was Lance behind the wheel instead?

The couple had been driving home from a party at the Aspen Art Museum last month when icy roads caused the SUV to lose traction and hit the parked cars, and Armstrong's girlfriend, Anna Hansen, initially told police she was the one driving since Lance had a bit to drink.  It was later when police talked to a neighbor, that they discovered a different story.  The neighbor said Hansen came running up to the house after the accident and said Lance had been driving and "may have been going too fast or something."

The Associated Press says the two decided to let Hansen take the blame to avoid more media scrutiny.  Armstrong had his Tour de France titles stripped after the doping scandal, but there is a growing sentiment now that maybe he should get them back.  Should this latest incident have any impact?

Lance is a Texas resident who recently sold his dream house in Austin, but still lives in Central Texas.

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