Ever since Guns N’ Roses started their North American tour last month, fans have been wondering if there’ll be a new album headed our way sometime soon. In a recent interview with Billboard.com, longtime keyboardist Dizzy Reed said that the band has enough material ready for a new project.

"There's a lot we've recorded…back when we started working on Chinese Democracy,” explains Reed. “So there's a quite a bit of unreleased stuff that would be really cool to finish and put out." Reed added that "everyone has great ideas and songs and stuff, so we're always sort of bouncing stuff off each other. I'm recording stuff all the time; I'll record something and say, 'Hey, this might be cool' and play it for everybody and just kind of go from there. I think eventually something's got to give, and then [a new album is] gonna come out."

Some of the songs on which the band reportedly worked during the Chinese Democracy recording sessions include “Ides of March," "Soul Monster," "The General," "Atlas Shrugged" and "Berlin." The keyboardist said that all of the songs from the sessions are “great” and he hopes they will be released soon. "Any selection of another 12, 15 songs would be awesome,” noted Reed. “I'm not just giving you an easy answer; I truly believe all of it's pretty amazing."