Friday the 13th rolls around on a different month every year, and many people consider it to be an unlucky day. This year, we're knocking the superstitious day out in January.

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Some of my horror fan pals just binge watch the 'Friday the 13th' movies, although they tend to marathon those movies during Halloween or any chance they get to be honest.

Some superstitious folks might call in sick at work, and just avoid everyone for the full 24 hours.

I think many of us just treat it like another day, while bringing it up in small talk with coworkers.

What are your plans for the supposed "unlucky" day? After getting through 2016, I'm not sure what is even considered as bad news anymore. It seemed like we were just hit with wave after wave of crap news, so I guess we can handle one more day of rotten luck.

If you fancy yourself as one of those folks that actually has good luck on Friday the 13th, we suggest you challenge yourself by paying EscapeNac a visit. Maybe you'll do better than we did.

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