Keep making your weekly picks and try to beat the DJs for a chance to win big.

pick em leader

Week 1

A Shirley Smith had 12 correct picks for the first week. Way to start off strong. She tied with our VIP players Sean Ericson, and Mark Cunningham who also had 12 correct picks.

VIP player Danny Merrell had 10 correct picks.

Week 2

A Shirley Smith had 14 correct picks for week two! Looks like she's the one to beat during this Football season.

VIP player Danny Merrell had 10 correct picks again. At least he's consistent.

VIP Sean Ericson had 9 correct picks, and it looks like VIP Mark Cunningham forgot to make his picks for the week since he got 0 correct picks. At least that's the story he''s sticking to.

Week 3

Shirley Smith had 12 correct picks. What's her secret?

VIP Mark Cunningham had 11 correct picks,  Sean Ericson had 9, and Danny Merrell had zero.

Week 4

tancol95 was on top for week 4 with 12 correct picks.

Sean Ericson had 10, Danny Merrell had 8, and Mark Cunningham had 6 correct picks,

Week 5

tancol95 was on top again with 11 correct picks.

Sean had 9, Danny had 7, & Mark had 6 correct picks. This is getting tougher.

Week 6

mlong1548 was on top for the first time with 11 correct picks

Sean had 10, Mark had 7, and Danny ... Well Danny had 0 correct picks.

Week 7

mlong1548 was on top once more. This time with a whopping 12 correct picks for the week.

Sean had 7, Mark had 3, and Danny had 0 again. With our audience kicking our butts like this, it's a bit discouraging for us. Keep up the good work!

Week 8

dalem132 had the most correct picks with 10.

Mark Cunningham had 9 correct picks. (So close)

Week 9

John Shanks was the top dog for week 9 with 11 correct picks.

Our pal Brendon was a close second place with 10 correct picks. Sean had 8, and Mark had only 7 correct picks. Get your heads in the game fellas.

Week 10

Shirley Smith had a whopping 10 correct picks.

Sean had 9, and Mark had 7.

Week 11

Shirley Smith was back at it again. This time with 12 correct picks.

This time around Mark got 9 correct picks, but Sean only had 6 in week 11.

Week 12

mlong1548 had 14 correct picks

Week 13

mlong1548 was on top for the second week in a row with 13 correct picks

Week 14

John Shanks had 13 correct picks.

Keep it up, and make your picks each week because the cumulative score at the end of week 17 will win $500 in accessories at Al Meyer Ford.

Week 15

Whoa! Our VIP DJ Mark Cunningham had 15 correct picks in week 15.

Second and third were Dalem132 and Truitt Dixon tied with 13 correct picks. When all is said and done, the person with the overall best score will win the prize and be entered into a bigger drawing for $10,000!

Week 16

tancol95 & AshleyStuckey had 11 correct picks with tancol95's tiebreaker score being better.

Week 17

jshanks and a few others had 13 correct picks.

Everyone did great this season of the Pro Pick 'Em, although we can't say the same for all our DJs.


Shirley Smith

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