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Medical Monitoring Station For Coronavirus Patients Set Up At Morial Convention Center
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I just conducted a very small, informal, twenty person poll here at our radio stations, and my results are completely different from those published by Louisiana State University.

I came up with zero.  A big goose egg.  Nada.  Not one person actually knew someone who's currently battling or was ever diagnosed with COVID-19.  Yet, in a story published by Louisiana Radio Network, we find:

A new LSU poll of 757 Louisiana residents found 42% of respondents know someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, and 23% know someone who has died from it. LSU Public Policy Lab director Michael Henderson says this shows the widespread impact of the virus.

Do you realize that they are saying just over four of every ten people in the state actually know someone who's been diagnosed with the possibly deadly disease?  I'm just having a real hard time digesting this statistic.

I'm not sure exactly where they conducted the survey and that could certainly have some influence on the results.  Like, if they just did it while standing outside hospital emergency rooms, or it was exclusive to areas of the state hardest impacted by COVID, you'd expect a greater number of positive results, but you'd think with numbers those high, that I could randomly choose 20 people here, or in any building for that matter, and my results would be at least close to their findings.  But no, I found not a single person who actually knows anyone who's had that diagnosis.

There are scores of us who "think" we probably had it back in December or January, and lots of us would like to be tested to see if we indeed are carrying the anti-body, which would indicate we had the disease with no complication, but not one person can actually testify that we indeed know anyone who's ever had it.

I'm certainly not making light of those who indeed did have COVID or heaven forbid, had someone who succumbed to the illness, but I'm having a tough time believing the numbers being published are anywhere near what some would have us believe.

I'd challenge you to do your own informal "poll" and see what numbers you get.  If our results were just unique to this building, I'd love to hear from you.  But, if you get the same results as we did, maybe there's something tainted in the results they'd have us believe.

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