Rebuilding the Oklahoma cities devastated by tornadoes this week may take more than a year; rebuilding lives could take forever.  Helping our neighbors to the North will take less than five minutes

When catastrophe strikes, the symbol of immediate relief is the American Red Cross (ARC).  They pour into communities like ants to a food source, and it's the citizen donations that pretty much keep the organization afloat.

The ARC must always keep "reserve" monies on hand, because even with sophisticated weather monitoring tools allowing for near pinpoint accuracy of tornado touchdowns, the damage field and loss of life is an unknown, until after the natural disaster has finished its destructive rampage.

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Now, take an unpredictable calamity like an earthquake, and the ARC dollars needed to replenish the help bank becomes enormous.  That's why ARC relies on donations year round.  If you care to pledge now, click here.