We've all been there, a little hungry and out of cigarettes. Time to make a late night run to the 24 hour gas station for some snacks and smokes. If you don't have a ride, though, that trip could be kinda tough.

Well, an unidentified dude in Harris County ran into this conundrum according to khou.com. So this guy decided that taking an ambulance would be the perfect way to make his trip possible.

The unidentified man walked up to Cypress Creek Hospital, hopped in one of their ambulances and headed out on his errands.

Harris County Sheriffs Deputies found the man outside a gas station a short time later. Inside, they found the gentleman with a bucket of fried chicken and cigarettes. Deputies asked the man why he stole the ambulance. He said he just needed a ride.

He was taken into custody and will be charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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