So you rob a dude on the street. Not cool, man. You get hungry and order some food to be delivered. Ok, we all gotta eat. You use the stolen phone to order said food and are caught. Yeah, you're a special kind of stupid.

Such is the case for 18 year old Anthony Sorrells of Chicago. He decided to rob a 16 year old of his belt and cell phone, among other items, at gun point according to

A couple of hours later, police were able to track the location of Sorrells based on some credit card info that had been entered from an order placed on Uber Eats from the victim's phone.

Wow, dude. Just wow.

Sorrells was arrested and denied bail.

Get this, though. Sorrells had recently been released on bond for a burglary case. He was also in the process of having a bullet removed from a shooting.

This dude is the perfect description of a dumb criminal.

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