The actions in Tenaha and Shelby County came to light some four years ago when  a lawsuit was filed alleging law enforcement officers in that area were illegally stopping motorists, then confiscating their cash, in what was disguised as a "drug enforcement" program conjured up in 2006.

In order for motorists to continue on their journey, the report states that in most instances, racial profiling existed on U.S. Highway 59 (a major drug trafficking thoroughfare), whereby those stopped were instructed to sign over their cash (collectively $800,000+ in one year alone) by rule of civil asset forfeiture, in exchange for not being charged with "money laundering".

The traffic stops remain under investigation by the Department of Justice, meanwhile, a fairly moderate contingent will begin paying restitution by coughing up over a half million dollars in plantiff's attorney fees.  Had the case went to trial, that amount could have easily topped one Million bucks!