So, it's time for another East Texas Poll. This time, the poll is pretty simple, with just two choices. My question to you is: Dr Pepper or Coca-Cola?

My personal preference is Dr Pepper. I mean, come on, a Texas icon, fantastic taste, cool logos. I prefer it all-around. There's just something - or actually lots of things - about Dr Pepper that I prefer.

But don't get me wrong, Coke has some things that make it more appealing. Coke is actually, in my opinion, better with ice cream. That's right, a Coke float is a very, VERY appealing thing. Also, ICEEs are better in the Coke flavor than as a frozen Dr Pepper. Maybe it's just because the Coke ICEE was the original.

So there you have it. Two choices, but you can only have one actual preference. And don't start with that, "I like them both the same." Nope. One choice or the other.

Let us know which one you prefer. Whether it's Dr Pepper or Coca-Cola, let's find out which one wins!

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