Everyone - or ALMOST - everyone has a preference on video games. Whether you were a fan of the Atari, or you've gotten into video games over the past few years, you have some idea of which one you'd rather play.

Back in the day, I was a diehard Nintendo fan. My first video game console was the Super Nintendo. I was a huge fan of Mario Kart, Kirby, and any of the Super Mario games that I could get my hands on.

From there, I upgraded to the Nintendo 64. I quickly learned the ropes to the updated 3D effects of Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64.

After the Nintendo 64, the next logical step for me was the Nintendo Gamecube. In all honesty, that was my favorite console from Nintendo. Better graphics, more intense gameplay, and a wider variety of games. (I was honestly a big fan of Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Melee)

Then I got my hands on a Playstation 2. I wasn't a fan of the original Playstation, but the Playstation 2 was right up my alley, with games like Star Wars Battlefront (1& 2), any of the Burnout racing games, Kingdom Hearts, etc. After the Playstation 2, I was hooked. Since then I've owned a Playstation 3, and then a Playstation 4, which I still own and swear by today.

One thing though, I never got on board with the XBox. I had friends and family members that won't have any games other than Xbox. But with the addition of all the new consoles coming out, there's pretty much something for everyone. I mean, let's face it, the newest ones are the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft has unveiled the XBox One S, and Sony's Playstation 4 is still holding strong.

So which do you prefer? The Sony creation of Playstation, Microsoft's XBox, or do you still prefer the original Nintendo? Let us know what you think!

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