Well, it's that time of year again. Time to ponder the things to do during the summer. And I'm not only talking to the students that just started their summer vacation. I want to know what you look forward to in the upcoming summer months.

Will you head to on of the local lakes, like Toledo Bend or Sam Rayburn? These are always fun choices for boating, whether you going to be skiing or tubing, or if you're planning on doing a bit of fishing. Or, maybe you just want to spend your time swimming. Either way, a day at the lake - as long as it's not storming - is a lot of fun.

Maybe you have a big road trip in mind. Where will you go? Maybe hit up the beaches on the east or west coast? Or, travel inland to Yellowstone Park, or do some fishing in Arkansas on the White River?

Perhaps you want to spend your summer traveling on an international level. Where would you go then? Spend time on the beach in Jamaica? Possibly try backpacking through Europe?

Maybe none of these ideas sounds like something that you enjoy, or at least that you enjoy most. There's nothing wrong with spending the summer at home, with a good book, in the hammock.

So, what summer activity are you looking forward to? Let us know!

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