So, last week, I posted the question of what your favorite classic rock band was. This week, I want to know about your gear preference.

For me personally, I was a drummer growing up, so I always gravitated to that particular gear. It didn't matter if it was the Zidjian cymbals, the Ludwig drum heads, or the Tama brand, I was always a fan of drum gear.

Heck, if I wasn't beating on a desk with drumsticks, or at least making a beat with my hands, the people that knew me thought that something was wrong.

But, I will say this: I've had friends that were all about the guitars. Electric, acoustic, bass, it didn't matter what kind it was, they could shred. And not only that, they could shred WELL.

And then there are the guys that are all about the technical side of things - I actually fall into this category as well. I'm talking about the sound systems with all the bells and whistles, the lighting set-ups, the complete DJ gear, ALL of the things that bring the extra punch to the instruments.

If you fall into one of these categories, or if you fall into a separate category that hasn't been listed, let us know what you think. What is your go-to gear?

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