One of the most revolutionary inventions over the past few years is the Yeti. Whether you're talking about the tumblers, the coolers, or any of the other merchandise, chances are, you know the Yeti name.

However, Yeti is no longer the only player in the game. There have been several new brands come into play since Yeti came out with their revolutionary equipment. There are names from Ozark Trail, RTIC, Grizzly, and lots more, all claiming to be the best.


My question to you, East Texas, is: What is your preferred brand, when it comes to the cups? I'm not asking which one holds ice longest, or anything like that. I'm simply asking which brand you prefer? Maybe you prefer Yeti because you received one as a gift, and it's your favorite. Maybe you think the Grizzly cups have a more interesting design. Whatever your reason is, let us know which cup you prefer.

As for me, I personally prefer the Yeti. It was the original. It started this cold-cup revolution. I actually have both the 20oz and 30oz, and I tend to carry one of them with me to work everyday. Not because I think I'm any better than the next guy, but the Yeti is my preferred choice.

So what's yours? Let us know what you think in the comments. Whether you prefer the traditional Yeti, or some other brand, fill out the poll and let us know.

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