So before you go into a "you are a heartless, cold, un-fun dude" rant, I'm all about Christmas and the lights and presents and family and church and everything that is Christmas. However, the fact that Christmas is thrown into our face before Halloween is way too much, even for the mess that has been 2020.

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I could go into a whole prose about Christmas decorations being put out too early, but I'll save that for a later time. I want to concentrate on Christmas music. I don't want to hear "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire", or any other Christmas themed tune, until after I've recovered from my turkey coma.

Why do I feel this way? Christmas is now thrown at us like it's a family get together but with everyone getting a big-screen TV. This could also be due to the fact Christmas time growing up was all about family time. My sister and I probably got three to four gifts each on Christmas morning when most everyone else couldn't be seen in pictures because of the stack of gifts around them.

Also, Christmas music doesn't instill any kind of additional Christmas spirit in me. It doesn't make me want to go to the mall and spend $1,100 picking up presents for my niece, nephew, sister, parents, and girlfriend. I'm old fashioned, I guess, in that Christmas is about being with family, not the surprise that's wrapped under the tree.

So Christmas music, I don't want to hear your notes until I'm done with Thanksgiving. I also want Christmas music to be better. Especially since modern Christmas music doesn't have anything to do with Christmas, it's just love story lyrics on top of sleigh bells.

Having said all that, when Thanksgiving is done, I'll break out my lights and light up my apartment patio with some reds, greens, and blues. I'll even wear an ugly Christmas sweater. But keep your Christmas music away from my turkey day.

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