Record Store Day has been building momentum for the past few years, and this time around more artists than ever have chosen to get involved. Saturday, April 21 is the day that hundreds of artists release new and limited edition material exclusively to Mom and Pop stores to encourage music lovers to buy locally, and help local record stores stand out in the digital age.

Indie shops across the US, Canada, and the UK are participating in Record Store Day, and that includes a store right here in East Texas.

M&M Music Store at 1114 Bow Street in Tyler is participating in Record Store Day tomorrow and will have exclusive releases. As the Record Store Day website tells us in their disclaimer, there's no guarantee every participating store will have every goodie and avery release, so it's best to check with them if you're interested in a particular vinyl release or EP. But it will be a festive day at M&M tomorrow nonetheless!

There are several stores participating in Houston, Dallas, and Austin if you're in the mood for a longer road trip.

The list of artists releasing special material tomorrow includes:

Bruno Mars
Bruce Springsteen
Ozzy Osbourne
Eddie Vedder
Florence + the Machine
Katy Perry
Sara Barielles
Regina Spektor
Paul McCartney

This is the fifth year for Record Store Day and the biggest yet, with 280 new releases. It's a great day to shop, grab some cool new stuff, and help indie retailers.

Long live the record store!