I'm the first one to agree you can't be defined by one event, or one circumstance, or one fleeting moment in time.

BUT! Anyone remember that bobbled snap in the 2006 playoff game that kicked us all in the gut? All Cowboy fans anyway.

Tony Romo was the holder for the field goal kicker back then. The Cowboys were about too win the Wild Card game at Seattle, all they needed was a field goal as time expired. It looked promising cuz it was such a short field goal, like 19 yards. A chip shot. Cowboys fans were already packing their bags for the next round of playoffs in Chicago. And then the snap.

Romo bobbled it, we all started screaming at the TV and grunting and gurgling in disbelief, Romo picked up the ball and ran for the goal line trying to make chicken salad out of chicken doo-doo, and he was stopped short. Cowboys season over.

Romo hasn't looked back since. But we do. We look back sometimes and wonder what could have been if that kick had been good. Some predictions had the Cowboys going all the way that year.

I say all this because this Sunday will be Romo's first trip back to Seattle since that bobbled snap and the stomach ache that ensued.

The Cowboys play the Seahawks at 3:05 CT Sunday afternoon.

Go Boys! Score so dang many points that the field goals aren't needed.

The Texans play the Jaguars at Noon Sunday.

It's a good weekend for chips 'n dip.

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