Hallelujah, hallelujah! Romo is done watching from the sidelines and he'll finally get back in the game this weekend.

With a 7-game losing streak, Cowboy fans gotta have something to get excited about.

Yesterday's loss at Tampa Bay is too painful to rehash with the penalty that negated a game-winning fumble recovery, and Tampa going on to score the winning touchdown for the Bucs.  Oops.  But so goes the Cowboys' luck this season.

The Cowboys might be in the busiest stretch now, with three games in eleven days -- at the Bucs, at the Dolphins, and at home Thanksgiving Day against the Panthers.  Getting Tony Romo back this Sunday in Miami will be the shot in the arm they need if this 2-7 team has any shot at making the playoffs. Don't laugh. They haven't been mathematically eliminated.  Yet.

The Cowboys are lucky that they're playing in a division that's not very good. A 9-7 record wouldn't win a division that includes the Patriots, Panthers, Bengals, or Broncos, but it might be good enough to win the lollygagging NFC East.  The only teams that have struggled more than the Cowboys this season (at least off and on) are the Giants, Redskins, and Eagles.

It starts with Romo's much-anticipated triumphant return this weekend, but what if he has a bad game?  I mean, it's happened before a couple of times, right?  No pressure Tony.  Even if the playoffs are not happening this year, breaking the longest losing streak since 1989 would sure be nice.