Don't you love a festival that's centered around food?  Texas is great at it!

The Texas Blueberry Festival in Downtown Nacogdoches is happening June 14th, and organizers said this week that Brookshire Brothers will be supplying the blueberries.  You'll be able to try all things blueberry, and even pick your own if you want.

How can ya fully experience all of the great food and food festivals without weighing a million pounds?  This may be the secret.A skinny friend once told me that she eats pretty much all day long, and she’s never really starving and never miserably full. She just eats when she feels a little hunger pang, quits when she’s satisfied, and goes on about her day.  Genius?

I decided to try it, and I’ve turned into a nibbler pretty much all day. Bananas, yogurt and granola, hummus and multi-seed crackers, salads, pizza, green smoothies, chicken, cheese, cheese dips, and various things coated with cheese….I’m hungry now just thinking about it all. Oh, and I clean up the kids’ plates all the time. That last bite of mac n’ cheese, the last chicken tender, that one corner of quesadilla, anything! I am a human garbage disposal. But isn’t that just what moms do? Sometimes I try to convince the girls that they’re full just so I can have the rest of whatever it is they’re eating. Bad parenting, or just an efficient kitchen manager and dish washer? It’s the latter, I’m certain of it!

Whatever your method of food consumption – huge portions all at once or constant nibbles throughout the day – it probably all works out the same.

And at these awesome festivals, it's a great opportunity to try out both methods. A little, and then a lot.  Have a great spring and summer!