Perhaps you gals are sitting at work today waiting on that gorgeous bouquet of flowers to arrive on this day of love.  Guys may be waiting on the big "thanks, you're so sweet" phone call or text.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Have you ever sent Valentine Flowers to yourself?  Ok, guys probably have not.  But 14 percent of women admit to calling a florist, telling the florist what sweet, syrupy phrases they want put on the card, and then acting surprised when the flowers arrive at the office.  "Are those for ME?!"  Nice work ladies.  And most of these women are married.  Single women sometimes have the card signed, "From a Secret Admirer."  Just so happens that the secret admirer is oneself.  It's not a lie, just a stretch of the truth perhaps.

Places in Lufkin like Bizzy Bea Flower Shop and The Flower Pot have their work cut out for them today.  Thanks in part perhaps, to a few ladies who have chosen to send a fabulous bouquet to themselves.



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