Lots of money blew out of a truck and scattered across the highway near one Texas town, and several people stopped to pick up as much cash as they could.  But they aren't supposed to keep it.

Last Friday on Interstate 20 near Weatherford, outside of Fort Worth, a Brinks armored vehicle let loose on accident what's been called a "substantial amount of money," and cars were stopping on the side of the road to pick it up.   The passenger door accidentally swung open and the cash got out, and the other cars on the interstate at the time noticed.

Several people stopped to grab the fist fulls of cash, but Weatherford Police quickly reminded everyone that the loose money is property of Brinks Armored Car Service, and although much of the cash was found by the passersby, it needs to be returned.  In fact, those who don't return it to either Brinks or the Police Department could be criminally charged.

Heads up in case cash suddenly starts falling from the sky here in East Texas -- it's not confetti from a pinata, and would need to be given back to the owner.  Would you?



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