As I'm sure you're aware, next week, you'll start hearing codes to enter to win cash. It's your chance to win up to $10,000! Now, that's a lot of money...As I was thinking about that, I started thinking about what I would do with $10K...

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  • Zerbor

    Pay Off Loans

    College, vehicle, ALL the things...$10K would go a long way towards that...

  • David De Lossy


    I haven't taken a true vacation in a long time...I'm thinking I need to fly to some tropical place and spend AT LEAST a week on the beach...

  • Fuse

    Upgrade To A Home Theater

    I want to watch all the things, on a HUGE screen, with theater sound. With that much money, I think I could make that happen.

  • oneillbro

    Upgrade My Outdoor Hangout Game

    I could buy a new grill, yes. I could get new outdoor furniture, yes. Or, I can go all out and upgrade ALL OF IT.

  • Anson_iStock

    Road Trip

    Bear with me on this one, because it's different from flying to an island somewhere. With $10K, I could chart a course from here, to the east coast, to the west coast, and then end right back here.