It's not just a pizza.  It's a canvas for a unique artist in San Antonio, and he goes through a painstaking process to bring his creations to life. It's a special 5-step process that has to happen to bake the masterpiece just right.  This is pizza you don't see everyday!  

Carlos Lujan works for Big Lou's Pizza in San Antonio, and he's been creating pizza art for about four years now.  He starts with a design on parchment paper, and a handful of secret steps later, he brings it to life with sauce and cheese on the pizza crust.  He doesn't add many mushrooms or meat to mess up the picture!  Sauce and cheese works best for creating the clean lines he needs to bring the detail to the surface.  Then the oven has to bake it just right, with not too much cheese that could spill over to Minnie Mouse's face.

Some of the pictures that he posts on his Instagram are pretty amazing!  He's got everything from an MLK pizza, to Minnie Mouse, to Chucky.

Something to add to the to-do list next time we're in San Antonio.

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