For as long as I can remember, CiCi's Pizza has been open in the Northview Shopping Center in Nacogdoches. We would eat there if we were in Nac on field trips, church trips, and we'd eat there just because I was a kid that enjoyed pizza.

But, recently - in part, thanks to COVID-19 - CiCi's has been closed. I'm not sure of the exact date of closing, but I know that it's been several months. It's been dark and shut up the whole time. I had just assumed that it was gone forever.

But this weekend, scrolling through Facebook, I saw something pretty cool. This is what I saw:

Photo Credit: Jeremy Brown
Photo Credit: Jeremy Brown

Now, as you can see, that is the CiCi's location in Northview Shopping Center. You can also see that it is completely empty. What's more impressive was the body of the post that went with the picture. It was from Jeremy Brown, the new owner. It wasn't available for embedding, but this was what it said:

CiCis Pizza is coming back with NEW OWNERS, we are NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR ALL POSITIONS and will hopefully reopen in the next month.

The new owners are no strangers to CiCi's Pizza. Jeremy and his wife own a store in South Tyler, and were actually planning on buying the equipment and video games out of the Nacogdoches store. But, after speaking with several people, they decided to save the Nacogdoches CiCi's and kind of "revamp" it. They were working in the store over this past weekend, and they plan on being back often until it is "like new again."

The post was ended with note from Jeremy that said:

I hope to see you guys soon and look forward to meeting you.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty excited about the news of CiCi's Pizza in Nacogdoches reopening. It's really awesome to see a store that will be opening up during this time, as opposed to shutting down. I look forward to seeing what the new owners do with this location.

We'll be sure to keep you posted about the opening date as soon as it's announced. Until then, I'll be keeping an eye on the progress of the store reopening.

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