This is why it's important to have ambition in life.

It is simply not enough to become a dynamic high school student-athlete, get drafted by the NFL (National Felon, er, I mean the National Footbal League), wash out, then take your game to the CFL (Canadian Football League), where your career actually moves vertically, but you ultimately wash out again due to injury after four decent seasons, without much notoriety, but with a fistful of Canadian currency.

Former Lufkin Panther, Texas A&M Aggie signal caller, 193rd NFL draft choice of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2006, and quasi standout in the CFL for the Toronto Argonauts, Reggie McNeal faces another drug charge.  Another, because he was arrested in December 2012, on a similar complaint.

His second marijuana possession in four months was as a result of police in Bryan responding to a call of drug activity.  Upon entering the house in question, law enforcement officials noticed the contraband in plain view, and after continuing their search, found more pot underneath the couch where McNeal was sitting (ought oh).

McNeal posted his $2,000 bail (I'm guessing he didn't pay in Canadian currency, since that would have set him back another $38.60), and vows to fight the frame-up.  In the unlikely event he's successful at beating the rap, he will get to keep around 180 days of his life.