He was supposed to be on our side, but who could have thought for one moment that a member of the United States Armed Forces would turn into a homicidal maniac against his own "brothers".

His official title was Major Nidal Hasan, and that's a seemingly high distinction to bestow upon one's character, especially when that high ranking official turns out to be nothing more than a cowardly murderer.

The death penalty sentence of the court martial unleashed by a 13 member military tribunal had to be expected due to the veracity of the massacre that left 13 dead and some 30 injured, when the Major turned on his Ft. Hood platoon in November 2009.  He was unanimously convicted on all counts last week.

So now the clock ticks towards the day Hasan finds himself wearing a blindfold with a cigarette hanging from his lips.  Sadly, this "holy warrior" that he calls himself, may see the end of the line as - martyrism.

In his closing arguments, Colonel Mike Mulligan, the prosecutor on the case had this to say about Hasan:

"He’ll never be a martyr. This is not his gift to God. This is his debt to society. This is the cost of his murderous rampage. … It was conscious decision to commit murder to serve his own needs, his own wants. His attack by him was all about him. This is about his soul, for his soul he stole life from 13 others.

While the trial and verdicts were swift once they got rolling, it should be noted that the last military execution was 52 years ago.  There are five other people on death row as well.

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