If you've been down Main Street in Nacogdoches within the last few months, you've probably seen Gall's Cafe. It was a located in what used to be the House of Traditions, right next to Regions Bank. This locally-owned restaurant opened up in late July 2019.

On March 20th, they made the announcement via Facebook that - due to COVID-19 - they would be closed until further notice. Today, they made the official announcement that Gall's would not be re-opening. This was the announcement made by the owners, via the Gall's Cafe Facebook page:

GALLS' Cafe has been closed due to coronavirus, and we have made the difficult decision not to reopen.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to our fantastic employees, loyal customers, and the entire community for its support.


I went in the little restaurant a number of times, and it was always a pleasant experience. The food was good, the staff was helpful and knowledgeable, and - as I said - it made for a pleasant experience.

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