Every year at this time, we start to get excited here in East Texas. Our minds start to think about Cajun seasoning, and we start to lose our minds just a bit.

That's because it's almost time for crawfish season to start!

In less than a week, people around here will start their boiling pots full of corn, potatoes, [insert your own choice of ingredients here], and of course, the crawfish themselves. The air here in East Texas will seem to be filled with the smell of Cajun seasoning. Plans will be made for entire get-togethers that are based solely on the event of boiling and eating these shrimp-like delicacies.

We even have seasonal restaurants right here in our backyard that open up strictly to serve crawfish! And, if you prefer cooking them yourself, you can buy the raw crawfish directly from them. Either way, it's getting to be that time, East Texas!

There's just something about crawfish that makes us go kind of crazy, and we can't explain it. I guess it's just because it tastes so good. I don't know what it is, but I'm pretty pumped about it, along with lots of other East Texans. Now that January is here, we can start the boiling pots, and we love it.

One of our local crawfish places announced that they'll be open starting January 9th, at all of their East Texas locations. Here's the post from the Crawdaddy's Boil-N-Go Facebook page that was posted right after Christmas:

And, they're not the only game in town. We have a few different options to choose from. So, like I said, get ready because crawfish season is here, East Texas!

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