Austin isn't the "Quirkiest" city in the US, but it does rank #2 in the country, and it's the quirkiest city that Texas has.

And the #1 city for quirks nationally isn't too far away.  Any guess?

Travel and Leisure Magazine says a city is quirky if it has lots of thrift stores and places with craft beers. And we might assume there are also several restaurants with mis-matched decorations, old signs, funny sayings on the walls.  Austin definitely has that.  Quirky is "off beat," according to the magazine, and it makes me wonder what "on beat" would be.  Sometimes it seems like the mainstream is kind of like a dried up creek, and more and more people head off the beaten path.  Straight to Austin apparently.

The top city on the 20 Quirkiest Cities list is New Orleans.  Do beignets make a city quirky?  Parades and beads?  Travel and Leisure says the locals can make a city quirky. I bet they have an awesome time on St. Patty's Day.

Here's the full list of cities with quirks:

1. New Orleans, LA

2.  Austin, TX

3.  Portland, OR

4. Providence, Rhode Island

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

6. San Francisco, California

7. Baltimore, Maryland

8. Kansas City, Missouri

9. Seattle, Washington

10. New York, New York

11. Tampa, Florida

12. Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota

13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

14. Portland, Maine

15. Houston, Texas

16. Nashville, Tennessee

17. Los Angeles, California

18. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

19. Louisville, Kentucky

20. Atlanta, Georgia

What East Texas town is the quirkiest?