Every so often - I'd say every three months or so - we revisit this topic that is burning in the minds of Nacogdoches townspeople: When is H-E-B making it's way back into the Oldest Town in Texas?

I can almost feel the eye rolling from some of you. You're probably thinking, "When is he going to drop this? It'll get here when it gets here." To you, I say, I'm just being persistent. Mainly because I haven't heard any word since the last time this subject was approached.

You see, to me, it's kind of like waiting on Blue Bell ice cream sandwiches to make their way back into the regular lineup on the grocery store shelves. The anticipation just mounts the longer that I wait. I was at an H-E-B in Waxahachie this weekend, and it was great. The only problem? It's not in Nacogdoches.

So then the question becomes: Will there ever be an H-E-B in Nac again? I sure hope so.

Maybe I'm being a little dramatic. Maybe I'm thinking too far into it and my thought process really should be that it'll get here when it gets here. However, that doesn't do much to help with the anticipation.

If you have any insider info on when H-E-B will be a reality in Nacogdoches, let us know in the comments below!

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