It turns out that candy doesn't last forever.

But raise your hand if you have Halloween candy left over from last Halloween. Yep!

Most Halloween candy has an official shelf life, and it's not "infinity," or "til it's gone." How fast do we have to eat it?

It's different for every candy, but the shelf life ranges from a couple of months to two years.  Two years!  Time Magazine says you can get a good 24 months out of Peeps.  That's incredible.  But heads up on that.  If your kids get a row of baby blue peeps in their Halloween baskets instead of orange and black ones this year, the pastels might be left over from the Easter Bunny.  They'll be delicious in hot chocolate this winter, and apparently during the winter of 2016 too.  Peeps last longer than most online dating relationships.

Chocolate and bubble gum have the shortest life span.  Those need to be gobbled up within two months.  No problem.

For M&Ms and jelly beans the goal is to have them gone in six months.  And the chewy candies like licorice and gummy bears will last about a year.  Which means the Twizzlers and Swedish Fish that made the rounds during Halloween 2014 can be conveniently re-gifted on Saturday and we'll never know the difference.

7 out of 10 people say chocolate is their favorite Halloween candy, and we'll probably have no trouble finishing it off within two months.  Just in time for Santa to bring more.

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